In the North Western prefecture of Epirus we discover the picturesque Zogoria villages, nestled in the Pindos Mountains for centuries.

For two weeks we escape into the heart of Nature “behind the mountains”, as implied by the literal meaning of the name “Zagoria”, to practice Internal Alchemy and explore the unique natural beauty of this secluded part of Greece that is as mysterious and hidden as its islands are exposed.

We walk along winding stone paved paths, enjoy rafting on the Voithomatis river, trek inside the Vikos gorge and visit villages that were only joined to the national road network a mere 50 years ago! We walk along the very same paths that connected these villages back in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

Engaging all five senses, we rest our eyes on majestic scenery, fill our noses with aromas of trees, earth and flowers, treat our pallets to the authentic Greek cuisine, bathe in river basins that are naturally created by hollows in the rocks and sink our ears into the silence.

Our scheduled activities include:

  • Trekking
  • Rafting
  • Visits to places of  special interest

All nature walks are truly rewarding and very impressive in terms of stone architecture (bridges, churches, settlements) and Natural beauty yet if someone wishes to stay at the Hotel for the afternoon they are very welcome to do so.

The level of difficulty of the paths is low however trekking inside the Vikos Gorge from villages Monodendri to Vikos as well as walking down the “Skala” (meaning ladder in Greek) from the villages Vradeto to Kapesovo are slightly more demanding and a good level of physical fitness is essential. On these occasions, one may choose to skip the walks and ride the van from one village to the other.

For members of the group, who do not follow the proposed itinerary  or decide to venture on their own for an afternoon,  it is important to inform us in advance, in order to avoid disturbing the flow of the program.