Arrival Day
From Ioannina Airport we travel for about 50 minutes “behind the Mountains”, as the meaning of the word Zagoria implies. We arrive at one of the most picturesque Zagoria villages, Papigo and settle into our “home”, for the next two weeks.

It is important that you let us know in advance the time you expect to arrive in Ioannina so that we may best coordinate your transfer to the village.

The weather is usually dry and mild this time of the year. Yet early morning and late evening / night hours can be chilly so it is best to bring clothes you can wear in layers and a warm jacket.

Afternoon activities
On some days we have organized beautiful and interesting hikes in the Mountains so it is a good idea to bring with you walking shoes, hats and of course sun protection for the face and parts of the body exposed to the sun.

Don’t forget to pack your bathing costume !

Professional suits will be provided when we go rafting down the Voidomatis River, but you will need your swimming suit to wear underneath. You may even decide to  dip (if only your little toe!) in the cold river waters on a sunny afternoon! 

You may want to bring your binoculars, if you are a bird watcher as a total of 121 bird species have been observed the National Park Vikos-Aoos, with twenty-six of them being considered of conservation priority!

We will carry with us water and in some cases a light lunch so you will need a small rack sack.

Meditation pillows - mats
Bring with you any personal meditation mats/pillows that will offer you ease and comfort. There will be blankets and pillows provided by the Hotel.

How to reach Ioannina -our meeting point
The easiest way to reach Ioannina is to fly from Athens. There are flights daily and the duration is approximately 50 minutes. Visit or for information and bookings.
A number of European cities are also connected directly to Thessaloniki and there are several charter flights to the island of Corfu. Then, you can easily reach Ioannina by bus.