Muriel began her study of Taoist health and longevity practices almost 30 years ago when living and working in China, and was introduced to additional meditation and healing traditions while in Egypt, India and the Philippines. To add a western perspective to her understanding, she studied the Science of Consciousness, as taught at the Monro Institute, USA, and the International Academy of Conscientology in London. However, Taoist study and practice remained her primary focus.

From 1998, she followed the curriculum of the Universal Healing Tao, including the internal alchemy training, Kan and Li, studying with Master Mantak Chia and several other teachers, and in 2002 was certified as a Universal Healing Tao instructor of Tao Fundamentals (microcosmic orbit, qigong, meditation), Dao Yin, Tai chi, Healing Love and Iron Shirt Qigong.

She was also certified as a practitioner of Chi Nei Tsang and Tuina, hands on therapies, which follow the principles of acupuncture and Chinese medicine,

From 2002 - 2006 she studied Yang family Tai Chi (fist and weapons) and a range of Qigong practices with Sifu Rene J Navarro. With him, she continued to deepen her study of internal alchemy and other Taoist practices and healing modalities. During this time, she was invited to co-teach with him in several countries.

In 2006 , Muriel left for China to continue her search of deeper teachings, and began studying with Master Hu Xuezhi. Master Hu has in-depth knowledge of both the practice of Internal Alchemy, and the philosophy and ancient texts of the Taoist Canon which enable us to gain a deeper understanding of the teachings. He also has the ability to decode practices which are often ‘hidden behind metaphor’ in the texts.

Over the last seven years, Muriel has undertaken intensive training in DaMo-Qigong and Wudang Taoist Internal Alchemy, under his guidance, in the sacred Taoist mountain of Wudang, China. In 2010, Master Hu authorized her to teach these practices. Each year she returns to spend some months in China continuing her own training, and assisting Master Hu with teaching on his annual DaMo Qigong and Wudang Taoist Internal Alchemy retreats. Muriel is currently the only instructor based outside Asia, who is authorized by Master Hu to teach. She is also assisting him with editing his translation and commentaries of the Chuang Tzu/Zhuangzi.

For much of the year, Muriel’s lives and teaches Taoist practices and Healing Arts in her native Scotland. Currently, teaching also takes her to Greece, Egypt, Cyprus and China.

Muriel Kirton is a member of the Scientific and Medical Network in UK, the World Universal Healing Tao Instructor Faculty, Thailand, and the Wudang Taoist Internal Alchemy and Damo Qigong Faculty, China.