Taoist Internal Alchemy & Damo Qigong  3 - 18 May 2014



The first level of internal alchemy training is one of self – healing and of balancing, growing, circulating and restoring internal energy. We will work towards this through the practice of Internal Alchemy Meditation, integrated with Damo Qigong.

Taoist Internal Alchemy, or Nei Dan, has been practiced for centuries, in remote hideaways in the sacred mountains of China.

A living philosophy based on the laws of Nature, Taoism offers an age-old tradition of methods and well proven practices in the science of nourishing life and nurturing spirit.



The Vikos–Aoös National Park was founded in 1973 and is one of UNESCO’s Geo-parks. 

A central feature is the spectacular Vikos Gorge, listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the deepest canyon in the world in proportion to its width.

There are 46 traditionally preserved villages, the Zagorohoria, perched on the dense green mountainsides. All villages have traditional architecture with stone houses, paved paths and roofs with stone grey tiles. 

One of the most beautifully preserved villages in the area is the Megalo Papingo, built on the slopes of Mountain Timfi, Here is where we will settle for the Internal Alchemy course.



Tradition and luxury in remarkable natural beauty - one of the three best mountain resorts in Europe, it has received twice the Condé Nast Traveller Awards.

Settle into your own little house and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the mountains. 

Meals will be vegetarian and the cook will prepare traditional recipes using the best ingredients and products that are both local and in season

journey to transformation

Join us in  in the picturesque villages of ​ZagoriaGreece for a transformational guided meditation journey. 
Surrounded by the pure Energy and Beauty of the Mountains, inside Vikos Aoos National Park, seize this opportunity to expand your understanding of your miraculous existence, and reach new levels of inner tranquillity and peacefulness healling your mind, body and spirit.

We look forward to this amazing journey together !!! 

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